Market Research
Market research is vital to the success of your brand. When you want to know how a new product or service will be received, we provide in-depth insight and analysis of the UK consumer and business markets to keep you ahead of the curve.

To stay ahead of the game, you have to be better than your competitors. Our benchmarking services identify the best practices in the industry, which leads to more effective PR.

Destination audits
For small and emerging destinations, it’s important to analyse the current situation of tourism to maximise development potential. At Knock Knock PR, we make a destination work more effectively from a visitor’s perspective.

Strategic consultation
Branding is like fashion. There are the basics, and then there are the hot trends. Maybe you need to innovate. Maybe you need to trim costs. Maybe you need to expand. Whatever you need to do, our strategic consulting will give you the competitive advantage.

At the end of every PR and marketing campaign, there is one question you must be able to answer: Was it worth it? With our comprehensive reporting, we prove your ROI with meaningful metrics that relate directly to your goals.

Campaign development

A successful PR campaign involves much more than simply pitching and getting coverage. Just like a well-developed story, there should be a clear beginning, middle and end. Fortunately, Knock Knock PR is with you every step of the way, developing all the components of your campaign to maximise success.

Strategy execution
The perfect PR plan may put your business on the map, but only a solid execution will keep you there. Let us take care of the details, improve your brand’s execution and turn your goals into achievements.

What good is a new product or service if your consumers don’t know about it? Our integrated marketing strategy will connect your brand with your audience, properly promoting your message exactly when and where it needs to be heard.